Collaboration | DayToner X Pure Arts X Mister Mistry | Designer Con California 23

Limited Edition Magic at Dcon Expo:

The grand reveal of the custom Master Nine Eyes took place at the Dcon Expo in California December 2023. The limited edition run of these art toys created an air of exclusivity for these artistic masterpieces. The sell-out success not only validated the collaborative efforts of Artist Mister Mistry and Pure Arts but also cemented Master Nine Eyes as a collector's dream.

The Genesis of Master Nine Eyes:

Master Nine Eyes five customs on the weekend was not just an art toy; it's a fusion of artistic brilliance, innovative design and the collaborative spirit of two exceptionally talented artists. The mind behind this awe-inspiring creation are none other than the outstanding artist DayToner, who joined forces with Pure Arts to bring a vision to life that transcends the boundaries of conventional art and left to Mister Mistry to custom create a team of 5 one off art toys for the collectors. 

Community Engagement and Beyond:

Beyond the sell-out success, the collaboration sparked a wave of excitement within the art community. Fans and collectors took to social media to share their enthusiasm, showcasing their newly acquired Master Nine Eyes and expressing their appreciation for the artists' ingenuity. This collaborative venture not only resulted in a phenomenal art toy but also fostered a sense of community among art lovers who connected over their shared admiration for this unique creation.

Special thanks to Ryan from Pure Arts who made everything happen on this epic collaboration and successful event. Pure Arts who are one of the leading creators and manufacturers of premium quality collectibles for video games and the movie industries, so make sure you check them out!